(Our heroes step out of the portal and into a jungle where birds and misc. jungle fauna can be heard in the distance)

Oswald: What kind of backwater place is this?

Henry: I don't know but it seems familiar

(A troop of monkeys run by with Mowgli in their arms)

Elsa: What was that?

Leo: I don't really know but it looked like a kid being kidnapped by a bunch of monkeys

Anna: We better go help him!

(Baloo and Bagheera walk out of the bushes and underbrush and spot our heroes)

Baloo: Well well well what do we have here?

Merida(sarcastically): Great another bear

Bagheera: Oh I see we haven't introduced ourselves yet I'm Bagheera

Baloo: I'm Baloo

(After the gang introduced themselves they went to the palace where Mowgli is being held captive by the monkey's leader King Louie)

Baloo: Okay here's the plan I come disguised in as another monkey and distract that old monkey king and Bagheera you try and grab Mowgli

(The plan works out perfectly but Baloo's monkey disguise falls off)

King Louie: What the...?

Baloo: Uh oh

King Louie: Get em!

(Soon everyone has a monkey or two on them and has no means of escape until Snoopy bumps into a pillar that sends the whole palace falling down on top of King Louie and his monkey subjects luckily our heroes escaped unharmed unfortunately the run into Kaa)

Kaa: Hello ssssstrangerssss where you might be heading?

Sterling: We're hunting down a hooded figure that kidnapped Mickey Mouse

Kaa: Oh I see you want to find a hooded figure because I saw him heading for the wasteland part of the jungle

Charlie: Thanks sir

(As our heroes head off to the wasteland Shere Khan shortly comes along afterwards)

Shere Khan: Well it looks like I got some new prey

Kaa: Oh yesssss master they had 3 children with them and a funny looking dog with a big black nose

Shere Khan: Was the mancub with them?

Kaa: Oh yessss!

Shere Khan: Thank you Kaa now I got some unfinished business to take care of

(Throws Kaa into a bamboo thicket and runs away)

Kaa: Oh my head!

(Meanwhile in the wasteland)

Vulture #1: Hey what do you want to do?

Vulture #2: I don't know

(Vulture #3 sees our heroes)

Vulture #3: Hey look people!

(The vultures fly down to our heroes)

Vulture #4: Evening


(The vultures go into a huddle)

Vulture #1: Let's sing them a song

(The vultures get out of the huddle and start singing "That's What Friends Are For" as soon as the song ends Shere Khan jumps out of the bushes)

Shere Khan(sneering): Hello mancub and friends

Riley: TIGER!!!

Mowgli: I'm not scared of you anymore Shere Khan!

Tigger: Let me at em let me at em!

(Shere Khan pounces on Tigger and starts attempting to maul him however Tigger comes out the winner in the end when Shere Khan is knocked unconscious by a big stick thanks to Baloo however a familiar red plane and a blue jet come charging straight at them)

June: Um guys we got company!



(Snoopy whips a rocket launcher out and fires it at The Red Baron while Oswald pulls a black cartoon bomb and throws it at Big Jet and both spin out of sight unfortunately Shere Khan wakes up from being unconscious)


(Shere Khan roars and attempts to kill Mowgli while lightning strikes The Vulture's tree)

Vulture #4: Hey I heard a rumor that Shere Khan is afraid of fire

(Mowgli picks up a burning branch and ties it to Shere Khan's tail who shortly notices it and runs away howling and crying)


Bagheera: Well Mowgli it's time to take you back to the man village

(At the entrance to the man village Mowgli helps a water girl named Shanti to carry the water back in the village)

Shanti: So what's your name?

Mowgli: My name's Mowgli what's yours?

Shanti: I'm Shanti want to be my friend?

Mowgli: Sure!

(Our heroes watch as the Mowgli and his new friend disappear behind the gates)

Anna: Well he ought to be happy there

Baloo: Yeah but I'm sure going to miss him

Bagheera: It's okay Baloo

Elsa: Well we better go to the next dimension

Baloo: Come again!

Bagheera: Goodbye!

(Our heroes step into the portal and head on to the next dimension)

Baloo: Nice people

(Meanwhile The Red Baron has landed in a swamp and sees his once again damaged plane and starts to swear)

The Red Baron(yelling): DUMME HUND UND FREUNDE!!! (Translation: STUPID DOG AND FRIENDS!!!)

(In another part of the jungle Big Jet has landed in a tree tangled in vines and The Vultures come to taunt him)

Vulture #1: What is it?

Vulture #2: It's a monkey

Vulture #3: It's a giant bug

Vulture #4: Don't be silly it's a giant vulture let's make him one of us

(The vultures pluck feathers from their own backsides and use sap to stick the feathers to Big Jet who wheezes in annoyance)