(Elsa, Charlie, Anna, Jack, Merida, Sterling, Riley, Joy, Sadness, Leo, Tigger, Snoopy, Rocket, Oswald, Henry, June and The Cartoon Beatles step out of the portal)

Tigger: Where are we?

Joy: I don't know but there's a sign of life

(Joy is pointing to a group of men on horses one of which is the notorious outlaw Butch Cavendish who stop at our heroes)

Butch: Howdy strangers

Tigger: Hello I'm Tigger what's your name?

Butch: Name's Bartholemew M. Cavendish but please call me Butch

(Butch gets off his horse and saunters over to Anna)

Butch: You look mighty pretty today missy

Anna: Um I'm already married

Butch: Oh really?

Anna: Yes sir

Butch: C'mon missy you're coming with me!

(Butch grabs Anna by the waist and hoists her onto his horse and rides away cackling)

Elsa: ANNA!

John Lennon: We need help badly!

Ringo Starr: HELLLLLLP!!!!

(Two figures on horseback ride up to the group one is a man in a white cowboy hat with a black mask on a white horse and the other man is a native american with a white painted face and a stuffed crow on his head)

Lone Ranger: May we help you strangers?

Elsa: Yes my sister Anna got kidnapped by a man by the name of Butch Cavendish and I saw him heading for an old mine

Tonto: Butch Cavendish bad news

Henry: Can you help us or not?

Lone Ranger: Sure but first we need some horses

(moments later the gang are on horses with Snoopy following behind in his Sopwith Camel and Leo, Henry, and June in Rocket)


Tonto: Don't do that again

(Immediately all the gang start racing toward the mine Elsa had described earlier)

Snoopy(in thought bubble): I wonder if Anna is okay

(Meanwhile At The Mine)

Butch: Okay missy we can do this the easy way or the hard way

(Butch starts attempting to kiss Anna while Anna is squirming around and has her mouth taped shut)


(Butch suddenly feels a VERY sharp sting in his butt and turns around to see nobody but Snoopy in his Sopwith Camel and the rest get off of their horses while Leo, Henry, and June get out of Rocket and pull out guns)

Jack: It's over Butch hand my wife over

(Butch whips out a knife and holds it to Anna's throat)

Butch: Don't come any closer or she gets her throat slit!

Elsa: Ok buddy you asked for it!

(Elsa shoots an ice blast at Butch that hits him straight in the heart and he immediately freezes up into a statue and Butch's gang runs away terrified)

Outlaw #1: HELP A WITCH!

Outlaw #2: Save me God!

Outlaw #3: I'm turning myself in!

Outlaw #4: Right behind you Joe!

(Just as the outlaws are leaving a familiar red plane flies over the mine along with a familiar blue jet)

Sterling: What in blue blazes?


George Harrison: RED BARON!

(Immediately Snoopy goes to his plane and Leo gets in Rocket who sprouts fighter cannons)


(Rocket fires a few good shots at Big Jet whose engine gets ruptured and Big Jet spins into a brood of scorpions)

Snoopy: YAAAAAH!

(Snoopy fires a shot at The Red Baron that damages the left wing of the plane and The Ren Baron falls into a cactus patch)

Riley: WOOHOO!

Oswald: The Baron and that bucket of bolts jet went KABLOOEY!

(Meanwhile in the cactus patch The Red Baron stumbles out of his plane covered in cactus leaves and thorns when he sees his damaged plane he starts to curse in german)

The Red Baron(sobbing): WAS SOLL ICH JETZT TUN!!! (Translation: WHAT WILL I DO NOW!!!)

Sadness: Well I suppose we can go to the next dimension now that we took care of the villain

Lone Ranger: Well if you need us just scream for help okay?

June: Trust me we'll take your word for it

Tonto: Goodbye kemosabe that mean friend

Merida: Well let's go to the next dimension

(The gang steps into the portal ready to go on further adventures)