(It is a cold March morning and Jack, Anna, Elsa, and Charlie are seated in the study)

Elsa: Ok people we need ideas where to go for our spring vacation any ideas?

Jack: We could go to Corona and by the the way isn't that where your cousin Rapunzel lives?

Elsa: No maybe for summer

Anna: We could go to Paris I'd love to see the Eiffel Tower

Elsa: We went their last spring

Anna: Oh yeah

Charlie: How about Disneyworld

Elsa: Ok Disneyworld it is

(At bedtime)

Elsa: Charlie what are you doing on your computer?

Charlie: Reserving our suite at All Star Music Resort

Elsa: Is it good?

Charlie: Jack recommended it he looked it up online

Elsa: Well Ok good night honey

Charlie: Goodnight to you too I love you

(Charlie shuts his computer and goes off to sleep)

Chapter 1 Magic Kingdom Edit

(The four get off a monorail and are appalled by the front gates)

Jack: Well this is only the beginning everyone

Anna: What are we waiting for?

Elsa: Let's go inside

Jack: Charlie remember when mom took us here for my 10th birthday

Charlie: Yep summer of 1995


Elsa: Let's go on It's a Small World


Charlie: WHY did you choose this ride Elsa that song is stuck in my head


Anna: Aww I think It's cute

Elsa: Charlie can you choose the next ride?

Charlie: Sure and it's not going to be boring or annoying as this one

(Seven Dwarves Mine Train)

Charlie: I LOVE THIS RIDE!!!

Jack: YEAH!!!

Anna: WOOHOO!!!




(The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh)

Charlie: I love this ride unlike that "Small World" one

Jack: I'm with you on that one Charlie

Elsa: I remember watching Pooh with Anna when I was three and Anna was only two weeks old

Anna: You're too kind Elsa

(Liberty Square)

Charlie: This is my favorite part of the park

Jack: Why?

Charlie(in a creepy voice): The Haunted Mansion

Anna: Ooh is it scary?

Charlie: Very I bet you're too scared to go on it


Elsa: Well I'm not scared

(Haunted Mansion)

Ghost Host: I challenge you to find a way out

Anna: I bet we can

Ghost Host: But there's always MY WAY

(Anna and Elsa both scream)


(Hall of Presidents)

Morgan Freeman AKA The Narrator: The ride has now ended God Bless America and enjoy the rest of your visit

Elsa: I'll tell you one thing Morgan Freeman is a good narrator but I preferred him in The Lego Movie

Charlie: Yeah but he was better in The Electric Company when he did the Spider Man skits

Anna: That's true Electric Company was my favorite show when me and Elsa were separated from each other back then the TV was my best friend

Elsa: Now that we're creating new memories we don't need a TV anymore


Jack: I loved this part when I was a kid

Charlie: Look Space Mountain

(Space Mountain)

Jack: Up we go

Elsa: Charlie what's going on?

Charlie: I don't know Jack remembers more about this place than I do

Jack: Here we go




Anna: Where's the action

Charlie: There isn't any this is the whole point of the ride

Elsa: Well at least this ride is relaxing

Jack: I can't wait for Adventureland


Jack: My favorite part of the park

Anna: Why is that?

Jack: Adventure of course

(Jungle Cruise)

Elsa: I hope nothing jumps on the back of the ride like those ghosts at The Haunted Mansion

Charlie: I doubt that will happen Elsie

Anna: Yeah sis don't be scared

(Pirates Of the Carribean)

Charlie: Those pirates almost look real

Anna: Looking forward to Star Wars Weekend tomorrow Jackiepoo?

Jack: Yeah

Elsa: I saw online that they originally used REAL skeletons in this ride

Anna: Spooky


Jack: The wild west

Charlie: Reminds me of that Lone Ranger movie

Elsa: Doesn't it?

(Splash Mountain)




Announcer:The ride is now over please exit the ride in an orderly fashion

Charlie: Look at me all wet!

Jack: Same here

Elsa: Party pooper

Anna: Yeah don't be party poopers guys

(Country Bears Jamboree)

Elsa: These bears sing good

Jack: Yeah but the film sucked bad

Anna: I was never too hard on it

Charlie: This is way better

Chapter 2: A Magical Night Edit

Jack: Finally the hotel

Elsa: Yeah finally

Charlie(holding a bottle of champagne): Want some?

Anna: Sure

Elsa: Yeah

Jack: I'm up for some

(after a drink the girls enter the bathroom)

Charlie: What is going on Jack?

Jack: I don't know Charlie but I think it's something that has to do with what they're wearing tomorrow

Anna(from bathroom): You're right!

(moments later the girls enter in bathrobes and take them off slowly and letting them drop revealing the sisters decked in slave bikinis)

Elsa: What do you think?

Anna: Tell us boys

Charlie: You look...uh...

Jack: Hot

Charlie: Yeah what he said

Elsa: So in other words we look...

Anna: Cute

Chapter 3: Hollywood Studios Edit

Jack: Well this is it

Charlie: Yeah

Anna: Jack I like your Han Solo outfit

Elsa: And Charlie I like your Jedi outfit

Jack: Well off to the first ride

(Great Movie Ride)

Jack: Look at all those movie scenes we saw

Charlie: Yeah Casablanca, Tarzan, Wizard Of Oz, and Singing In The Rain

Elsa: Yeah I heard a rumor that the plane in the Casablanca scene was the one actually used in the film

Anna: No let's go to the Indiana Jones Spetacular

(Indiana Jones Stunt Spetacular)

Guy Playing Indiana Jones: Marion jump

Anna: This is so amazing!

Jack: My kind of show!

Elsa: Yeah mine too!

Jack: Woohoo!

(Star Tours)

Jack: Look at them all!

Elsa: Yeah almost like you can reach out and touch them

Anna: You can tell that to George Lucas

Charlie: Yeah 3D is the best thing created by man

(Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror)

Anna: What is going on?

Jack: I don't know but..

(All four scream on the way down)

Charlie: That ride was scary Jack

Jack: Yeah I can agree with you on that one

(Rock N Roller Coaster)

Charlie: The best saved for last

Elsa: Charlie if this is anything like that last ride I'll freeze you!

Anna: She's serious

Jack: No

Charlie: I know my wife and she would never do that to me

Chapter 4: Boob Talk Edit

(Back At The Hotel)

Jack: That was funny when I pulled up your slave bikini top to the ride cam

Anna: That was not funny!

Elsa: Well at least it's not like that incident when in the comic shop Merida got drunk in during that road trip to Mayfield and she pulled up her shirt to Charlie

Charlie: Well you're the one with the nicer rack

Elsa(embarrassed): Um thanks?

Charlie: Oh look at you blushing like a little strawberry

Anna: Say wasn't that also the road trip where me and Jack made love in that truck stop shower?

Jack: Yeah and I believe Kristoff walked in with my sister Katy and they started making out

Charlie: Well at least Katy is not a stripper anymore and her kids Johnny and Jimmy FINALLY have a father figure in their lives

Anna: Yeah but your big sister Charlee still is working at that trashy place called The Mousehole

Elsa: Didn't your ex fiancee Hans marry her?

Anna: Yeah Hans didn't know how to treat women until after his punishment

Elsa: Yeah

(in the bathroom)

Jack: Hey Charlie let's use a jedi mind trick on the girls so we can see each other's wive's boobs

Charlie: No way man

Jack: I'll pay you twenty bucks

(hands Charlie a twenty dollar bill)

Charlie: Ok fine

(enters bedroom)

Jack: You will bare your boobs

Anna: Very funny guys we aren't falling for that

Charlie: In that case i'm taking my meds

Jack: I'm going to wash my face

(While the boys are turned around the girls pull up their Minnie Mouse and Snoopy sleep shirts and bare their breasts)

Anna: Oh how the wind feels so good on my naked breasts

(Elsa blows a raspberry at the boys)

Charlie: Well I'm going to bed

Elsa: Same here good night love

Anna: Good night Jack

Jack: Good night my sexy wife

Anna: Good night dear

Chapter Edit