Elsa: Let's go up Shultz Street


Charlie: What a night!

Harry: We better go round up more recruits to help us on our journey

Elsa: Yeah I'm with Harry

Jack: Say look up there

(Everyone looks up and sees a brown sopwith camel against a red biplane with a bunch of explosions suddenly a shot fires from the red plane that hits the sopwith camel that lands right in front of the group and Snoopy stumbles out)

Anna: Hey that's Snoopy I watched him on TV all the time

Riley: So that's The Red Baron...

Harry: Yeah so Snoopy if we help you fix your plane will you help us on our journey to save Mickey Mouse?

(Snoopy does an army salute and fixes his plane)

Anna: Well c'mon Snoopy we got a universe to save