Prologue Toontown Hotel Edit

Sterling: Ok, I know the criminal is not here but we're all tired and I can tell by the look on your faces

Anna: Right, and I think the others agree (points to the rest of the group who have bags below their eyes and Jack passes out)

Sterling:(to desk) One night special please

Desk Guy: Alright you guys are on the 50th floor one boy and one girl

(after getting to the 50th floor)

Sterling: Ok I worked it out heres the pairing

1.Anna and Jack (since they're dating)

2. Charlie and Elsa (married)

3. Merida and Me (engaged)

Chapter 1 Anna, Jack, and a bag of skunk Edit

(The two enter their hotel room kissing and making out and Jack starts moaning)


Anna(softly and seductively while taking Jack's shirt off): Shut up

(Jack puts his finger under Anna's pink striped sweater and fingers her navel)

Jack: What's this?

Anna(giggling): My bellybutton!

(they throw themselves on the couch and Anna removes her coat and takes her shirt off and continue making out)

Jack: I love you baby

Anna: I know

(Jack carries Anna to the bed and removes her pants exposing her carnation-pink panties)

Jack: This feels so right

Anna: Take my panties off and lets do it

Jack: Your wish is my command your highness

(Jack removes Anna's panties and bra and sticks his penis into Anna's vagina and sperm comes out of Jack's penis squeezing into Anna's ovaries and starts taking the shape of a human)

Anna: I think you just got me pregnant

Jack: No sweat

(the next morning Jack wakes up to Anna putting on a lacy pink bra)

Jack: Why getting dressed so soon?

Anna: Because we're done fucking

Jack: What? no we're not

Anna: Excuse me?

Jack: Yeah

Anna: Jack, I don't like being told what to do

Jack: I think you do

Anna: You too

Jack: That means you'll do everything I ask

Anna(snickering): Just because we fucked?

Jack: Actually you started it, you controlled the whole situation

Anna: Yeah I think I did

Jack: Anna?

Anna: Yes sugar pop?

Jack: Will you dance for me?

Anna: Sure sugar pop

(Jack turns on Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar On Me)

Jack: Let's see what you got

(Anna undoes her braids and does a pose)

Anna: Like this?

Jack: Yep

(Anna starts dancing seductively)

Jack: I like that

Anna(still dancing): I bet you do

(Jack gets up and slaps Anna on the buttcheek)

Jack: May I have this dance m'lady?

Anna: Yes you can

(Jack pulls out a bag of skunk)

Jack: Want some?

Anna: Elsa wouldn't want me to but Ok

(a few seconds later)

Jack: I could stay here all day because you're the only thing I need to make me happy

Anna: I smoked better skunk than this than my 7th grade teacher

(Anna inhales skunk smoke and blows out)

Jack: Anna we loved each other since high school right?

Anna: Right and we recently picked up where we left off

Jack: Right so Princess Anna of Arendelle will you do the honor of being my wife?

Anna: So that means......

Jack: Will you marry me?


(the two start kissing)

Chapter 2 Charlie, Elsa, a bath, and big news Edit


Charlie: Elsa I'm going to get some snacks what do you want?

Elsa: A Zero bar and I have a surprise for you when i get back

Charlie: ALRIGHT!

(Downstairs at the vending machine Charlie gets a Butterfinger for himself and a Zero bar for Elsa and goes back to his room)

Charlie: Elsa? Elsa where did you go?

Elsa(from bathroom): In here love

(Charlie walks into the bathroom and finds Elsa in a seductive pose in a red bikini)

Elsa(seductively): Take them off big boy

(Charlie takes his clothes off and joins Elsa in the tub)

Elsa: Charlie I'm pregnant

Charlie: Who's the dad

Elsa(laughing): You are Charlie

Charlie: Just think in 9 months I'm going to be a father and you a mother

Elsa: And it's no dream either

Charlie: Elsa will you sing for me?

Elsa: Sure dear

(Elsa sings Eternal Flame by The Bangles)

Charlie: Can I talk to the baby?

Elsa: Sure

(Charlie puts his hand on Elsa's belly)

Charlie: Hey kid it's daddy hot enough in there for ya?

Elsa(laughing): I bet it is

Chapter 3 Edit

Chapter 4 Morning Swim Edit

Jack: So what did you guys do last night?

Carl: Me and Kelly got drunk off the bottle

Felix: Me and Idina split a candy bar and watched TV and I told her she had a cute butt and it just took on from there

Sterling: Harry burst in on me and Merida and demanded an ice cream cone

Buddy: Me and Kristen shared some ice cream and now are boyfriend and girlfriend

Jack: Me and Anna.. you know...fucked last night and plus I proposed to her and she said yes

Buddy: You lucky dog!

Charlie: I learned some big news last night

Jack: What's that

Charlie: I'm going to be a dad

Everyone(except Charlie): YEAH!

Carl: Look the women

(the women come out in short bathrobes and promptly remove them revealing skimpy bikinis)

Jack: Son of a..

Charlie: Don't you dare